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“My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge” ~ Hosea 4:6

We are here to serve individuals, families & the community of Spartanburg, South Carolina with fast, reliable and affordable 24×7 bail bonding services, while providing top-rated confidential, caring & compassionate service.


We love you & we care! Get answers to all your  bail bond questions.

Impact of Pretrial Incarceration (Not Bonding Out)

Increase loss of jobs, education, family & higher risk of being arrested again.


Higher Conviction Rates

Defendants who were locked up until their cases were resolved, the conviction rate jumped to 92 percent.

Harsher Punishments

Individuals held pretrial receive harsher punishments than those released on pretrial bond.

High Rate of Guilty Pleas

Whether guilty or not, defendants routinely plead guilty in order to be released sooner than waiting for trial.

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