‘RUBY’ a poem by Sonia Langhorne


Ruby Dee where’s your Ossie? Why do you seem so alone without a song to your name?
All the money in the world can’t bring back your momma or that little girl. ALL the money in the world can’t bring back your MOMMA or that little girl. Life is tough, things get rough, rubs that precious stone the wrong way. THIS Ruby’s gonna have some rough edges. Shining bright some day. Ruby red blood, the blood will always be thicker than water. The purifying waters. The lake, that day, the way, it makes NO sense, but all the cents in the world can’t bring back your momma or that little girl. It’s a whirlwind, she’s a whirlwind. NO time for no man, no women and no friends. Just the jail and the wind. Just the cells and the wind. Just the calls and the wind. Just the judges and lawyers, courtroom reporters, defendants, indemnitors, workers, poor and less fortunate, and the wind. Her against them. The world against her. And who took time to polish that precious jewel? Who took the time to make sure she had a good day at school? Whose job was it to make her smile? Who checked on HER if just for a while? Born to love, love to life, life to live, all but self to give. Ruby’s are red, hot fire is too. Mix them together and they still wouldn’t match the flame within you. Your attitude proceeds you, your voice supersedes you, your spirit engulfs the whole room. Your smile is a reminder of your laugh, which is infectious. But what’s more, are your kind words, which mean the most of all. Your kind words make me believe that ALL the world must be “dumb”, if they don’t know that “you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube and you can’t un sing a song once it’s been sung.”
Ruby Dee, how could it be, you’re all alone? Where has your Ossie gone? She says to me, “I’m just RUBY, ain’t no DEE, and who the hell is Ossie anyhow!?” “Not no but HELL NO!!!”